Monday, July 25, 2016

Treasure Hunters Basic Edition

Now that I've finished up Treasure Hunters (along with my collaborator Leonaru), I've started to work on another game.  While Treasure Hunters Prolix Edition was a new game in the spirit of the OSR, the new game will be a true retro clone offering.  Right now, it is called Treasure Hunters Basic, because it is like the Holmes, B/X and BE(CMI) D&D games.

You will find the game rules are quite compatible with older D&D of the several varieties.  It will FLAILSNAILS just fine.  There are rules drawn from a multitude of sources new and old, and when there are two equally good rules solutions, the simpler one is used.  Sometimes I will offer two solutions to the same problem, to encourage the players to make up house rules, too.

You will find the prose style to be much more accessible.  While the prose in Prolix is meant to set the proper tone, it is hard to read sometimes.  There are strange words and unusual sentence constructions.  This new game, by contrast, is meant to be read and understood by kids and young adults aged 8-12, and is written in a modern, conversational style.

There will be at least three volumes, but it's not completely planned out yet.

Volume 1 tells you how to make your character and how to play out encounters. 

Volume 2 will teach about the odd men and monsters enpeopling the Realm, and also hold simple treasure tables.  (Link here.)

Volume 3 will teach the Referee how to make up the world and describe it, and also describe various magic treasures.

This is not a standard breakdown of info, and I may decide to mix it up.  Nothing's firmed.  It's all just for fun.

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