Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Odd Men & Monsters

Odd Men & Monsters is the monsters and treasure book in for the Mythical Journeys game.  It's really early in development but the intro and "Men" sections are done.  After page 11, you will find notes and an embryonic mishmash of stuff.

You can look at it here.

Also, over there is a nice etching from the distant past.  What do you think it portrays?


  1. This would be a man riding a big ol' cat to a witchs' annual midnight meeting with the devil. Somehow, the meeting has appropriated the word "sabbath," which is screwy as it doesn't seem to have a thing to do with the number seven.

  2. Would love to see the rules for character levels up to 12th fleshed out, including spells and such. I would also be thrilled to see a Ranger class write up, based upon the original version that appeared in Dragon Magazine back in the day. Those two additions would make the game perfect in my eyes.

  3. That's really nice to hear, Rynath. I've got the classes up to level 12, spells up to level 6, and the thief class written up. I think they will go as Referee options in Volume 3. Since Rangers of the North are a monster, there's room for them as the Ranger class.