Friday, August 5, 2016

Treasure Hunters Basic is now MYTHICAL JOURNEYS

I have been doing some real hard thinking about the game this week.  Here's the current release, by the way.  Here's a mockup of the cover as well.

It's just not right. It needs to be slimmer. I want to make a number of rules descriptions more economical. I want to eliminate a large amount of the rules bulk. Slim it to bare bones. Then build in a little character, but just a little. A lot of the choices I made making Treasure Hunters were the correct ones. They shouldn't be changed for the sake of change. Here are some of the specific changes I think I will make as I have time and opportunity. Please excuse the disorganized presentation; this is stream of consciousness stuff.

Everything uses a -1 to +1 modifier. Most actions solved on a d6 rather than a d20. Saves and attacks still on d20 though.

Six experience levels shown. No monsters included that are above 10 HD (which still leaves about 80 monsters, which is strangely about the same number as Holmes.)

No Thief.

Races are standard: Man, Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit. Hobbits limited to level 4.
Men can be fighters clerics or magicians.
Magicians don't wear armor or use shields. They will seem more like normal men.
Elves are like basic elves
Dwarves are like fighters.
Hobbits: You can only play a hobbit if you don't have any stat above 14. Hobbits have the usual abilities, but hide indoors 4-6 on d6 instead of 5-6.

Feats of strength on a 6 on 1d6. +1 for 15 STR, +1 for appropriate tool. Anyone can try up to three times.

Anyone can turn undead.

Fighting Men get +1 reaction rolls and +1 retainer slot
Fighting Men get a form of cleave; so do dwarves.
Dwarf and Hobbit get +4 to saves; Elves get +2 to saves.
Holy Relics are a magic item which DESTROYS undead

Armor stays simple- don't include helmets.
Arrows etc become 1d6 and you're out item
Two handed weapons do +1. Some have reach. Flails ignore shields.
Shorten up hirelings to bare bones- just retainers, henchmen.  Example specialists.

"A retainer may be of any experience level and of any class (Normal Man or any class). Retainers cannot be of a higher level than their PC. Elf and Dwarf retainers should be very rare."

Beginning players should not hire retainers until they are mostly familiar with the rules.
Retainers gain experience like PCs do, but at half the rate because they do not make their own decisions, but rather defer to their boss. They should also get a half-share of treasure.

Adventuring rules will be slimmed down considerably. Take out most corner cases.

Shorten up Chapter 3 considerably

4: Time periods. Encumbrance. Movement rate (Scale inches.) How to explore. Marching order. Turn order. Rest period. Necessity of Light sources. Doors. Sneaking. Surprise. Overland travel. Rate of travel. Overland exploration. Movement rate on land, sea and air. How to fight (attack roll and damage roll.) Round structure. Morale checks. Initiative. How to move in a fight. (Charge, Fighting withdrawal, retreat, opportunity attack.) shields shall be splintered. Jousting.

Example of play?

Referees guide

Doors. Reaction rolls. Types of light sources. Wandering monster checks. Morale for monsters.

Link to the current version in the previous post. I'll update it as I go along.

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