Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Monster: Giant Drowning Spider

Spider, Giant Drowning
#Enc. 1d3 (1d3), AL N, MV 6”, AC 6, HD 3**, #AT 1 (bite), dam 1d6 + grab, ML 8, SQ: breathe underwater, TREASURE: F, XP 500

Description: the giant drowning spider is a 4 foot long blue and white spider which dwells in swamps.  It grasps its prey and holds it fast underwater with great strength (roll to perform a feat of strength each Round to escape at the end of the Round).  Each Round it deals 1d6 crushing damage and forces a Save vs. Poison or victim becomes unconscious.

There are no good pictures of a Giant Drowning Spider, since I just made it up.  Instead, here is a map of the state of Tennessee.

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