Monday, September 5, 2016

Monster: The Yak

There are not enough yaks in OSR games.

#Enc. 2d6 plus young (1d10 x 40)  AL N MV 12" AC 6 HD 3 #AT 2 ML 6 In Lair: 40% Treasure: nil

ECOLOGY: Yaks are just as good as other kinds of cattle.  They're bigger than almost any other kind.  They do well at high altitudes.  They like it cool to cold, so remember to turn down the thermostat if you invite a yak to a dinner party. One of the greatest things about a yak is that their body and manure have no detectable odor, because things smell bad enough out there on an adventure.

COMBAT: Yaks and yak cows (called WYLIE) are herd animals and prefer not to fight.  If forced into combat, they will attack as 3 HD creatures with two hooves.  A herd of yak will trample, which is probably a Save or Die jackpot, so make sure you can run at least 12" if you plan to annoy yaks.

GAME USES: Nomads and Dervishes would totally favor yaks over other kinds of cattle since they can survive by themselves in the wild.  Maybe a frost giant keeps one as a pet for his kid.  Can't you just imagine a gnomish community of yak farmers?

This is a yak on vacation. Note the festive beach wear:

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