Monday, November 21, 2016

The Will Ferrell You Never Knew

HOLLYWOOD - In the payoff of what must be the most elaborate practical joke in history, gridiron heart-throb Ben Roethlisberger has been revealed to be a made-up character played by none other than comedian Will Ferrell.

 The literal giant of comedy came about his least-famous but arguably most important role quite by accident.

He enrolled at Miami of Ohio University to prepare for his role in Old School, made the team, and just went from there.

"Roethlisberger? I was sure someone would figure out the joke just from the name," the larger-than-life funnyman revealed in our exclusive interview. "I mean, come on! Have you seen how comedically I throw the ball?"

When we asked him about his famous motorcycle accident, he said, "The funny thing about that is that we had three cameras rolling on it, and none of them got the shot. Jimmy Fallon was driving and he ruined the take because he couldn't stop laughing, just like every SNL sketch he’s ever been in."

"And really," chided Ferrell, "haven't you ever noticed I never do Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at the same time as a Steelers football thingy? What do you call that? The football meet? The contest? A football rally?"

His interest in football all started when he wrote the cheerleading sketch with former Miss Okinawa, Cheri Oterri. "We would go to high school games to watch the cheerleaders. Fine looking young ladies. Mouth-watering. Most of them wore panties, and I'm all for that in principle. Where were we? Oh, football. My interest in football definitely started with those high school cheerleaders."

Now as the owner of two Super Bowl rings, Ferrell has set his sights on the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Who do I have to force into a bathroom against her will while two state policemen guard the door to get voted into that one? Amiright guys?”

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