Sunday, May 21, 2017

And He Calls It By A Different Name

So Brendan at Necropraxis calls it "fight off, dodge, or block" which makes my nomenclature very confusing. My "Soak" is his "Block" and my "Block" is his "Fight Off."

Therefore we now issue errata for the system we have misnamed.

Soak becomes Block;
Block becomes Fight Off; and
Dodge, um, stays Dodge.

Additionally in his system he has the Con check come after the Fight Off or Dodge attempt whereas I have moved it up to be in front. It's a minor point that makes armor slightly more valuable in my version.

I believe the choice between the several armors (and the choice of no armor) is intrinsic to the game, even with the added player agency inherent in this combat system: Armor is a trade-off with movement speed and with the amount of treasure you can carry. This system trades off some of the importance of armor to achieve greater player agency, which is a good trade, but within that framework I will want armor to be very important.

So in the next post we will finalize the system and look forward to play testing it in June and July.

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