Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gonna Play Us a BECM Campaign

My old Magic: the Gathering nemesis and all-around excellent fellow, Steve, has a son.  His son is itching to play some D&D. But his son will only play if he can play with some kids his own age.

My daughter Julie is about a year younger, and she's also itching to play.

So we have a table with Steve as the DM, the two kids, Steve's wife, and me.  My wife and son are also thinking about asking in, but we haven't talked to Steve about it. Running for six is different from running for four.

Over the last couple three years I've become such an idiosyncrat (I just made that word up.  You can use it.) in my game preferences, I wonder what it will be like to sit with another table and play with another DM. Also, I have to brush up on my red book D&D rules which are of course just different enough from my own ideas that I'll obviously be confused.

On the bright side Steve knows how to run a game and he knows the rules, so I'll just tell him what my man is doing and let him decide how best to kill me.

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