Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Herein Lies the Problem

The problem for me blogging is that I say everything I want to say and then I don't want to say it again!  There's only so many things in an OSR game, and once you solve them for yourself satisfactorily, then what else have you got?

I have great admiration for those of you who can churn out column inches say after day... Erik Tenkar is chief among those folks. Please don't take this as a political comment, but he reminds me of Sean Hannity. Sean's great gift is turning out four hours of consistent programming every day, year in and year out. So it is with Erik. 

But he's not the only one. The fellow from Castle Triskelion has been posting one room of his megadungeon every day since late 2013. Some days he also posts a new magic item or monster which you will find in that new room. It's  an unimaginably ambitious task and he's getting it done! Wow!

Even among those writers who write sparingly, their depth and breadth of work can be astounding. I have been informed to a great extend by Brendan of Necropraxis, Roger of Roles, Rules and Rolls, and Courtney of the Quantum Ogre fame.

OH GEEZ I almost forgot to mention Wayne Rossi of Semper Initiavus Unum!  He solved so many problems so long ago and it's all just there to go look at

There are lots of people I admire who love what we love. This is just a partial list of the bloggers I read every time I look online. 

In the sidebar I have that Murlynd's Spoon. Even if you don't want to read what I write, let me urge you to bookmark this page to see what the other OSR guys are thinking about today. 

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