Sunday, June 11, 2017

"A Mashup of Basic and 1e"

Steve tells me we are going to play a mashup of Basic and 1e.  Cool!  When I started playing with my friends and not just my mom, that was how we started.  Actually it was a BECM/2e mashup, but that's basically the same thing if you're not a scholar or OSR hipster.

I have this idea about having a Fighting-Man who can also cast one spell: Knock.  Why?  I don't know!  It just tickles me.  I have no idea whether Steve would make it possible.

But here's what I was thinking.

the Fighting-Man in question would go to Level 3 plus 5,000 XP.  If he lives that long and his INT is 9 or more, and he knows a friendly Wizard who has Knock, he could spend 1d6 weeks and 5,000 XP plus however much gold the Wizard might like, and he can learn it.

He wouldn't know how to read any magic or write a scroll or anything.  He could just cast Knock once per day.  I'm not sure how you would handle a spell book for such a fellow.

What do you think?  Too strict? Too lenient?  Not allowed at all?  Tell me!

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