Sunday, June 18, 2017

Game Report - Castle Caldwell Explorers Session 1

17 June 2017 6:40 - 10:00

The DM was Steve.  He hadn't DMed in a long time but he did a really good job of moving things along.

The players were

  • Ethan, Steve's 13 year old Son.  He played Ronin, a Fighting-Man.  Level 1.
  • Simone, Steve's wife.  She played Raven, a level 2 female half-elf Cleric of Men, and also ran a Hobbit thief named Gruff.
  • my daughter Julie, to turn 13 nest week, who ran Emma, a Level 2 Elf Magic User.
  • and me, I ran twin gnome brothers.  Yaspar, the Fighting-Man with 2 Hits and Vuvier, the Thief with 7 Hits.  Both Level 1.

The rule set was modified 1E.  1E, but we could only have one character class, and Magic-Users start at Level 2.  Raven the Cleric had gotten to Level 2 in a previous adventure.

PROPS: The most interesting thing that happened is that Emma drank a Potion of Polymorph Self, turned into a baby Roc, ate a poisonous giant spider, failed her saving throw, and died!  After which, she played Vuvier the Thief.

Another fun part was when Yospar ran into the courtyard, and found himself face to face with a wolf - they both failed their Surprise check and spent a round screaming at each other!

SLOPS: I can't find my Pig Farmer.  If I had found my Pig Farmer, I would have played a Fighting-Man or Ranger and used him as my mini.

We had a blast and explored about 15 rooms.  Not a ton of treasure yet, so we're going to keep going in about three weeks!  At which time my son, Nathaniel, 15, will be joining us.

OH!  Almost forgot: They all seemed unfamiliar with the habit of carrying a ten foot pole into the dungeon.  Like they'd never heard of such a thing before.

I always thought that was common practice.  Am I wrong?

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