Monday, June 26, 2017

Lost and Found

Months ago, a hard drive crash meant I lost the .doc version of Mythical Journeys. (coupled with my own lax vigilance - always back things up!) Boy that was hard to take! I gave up on working on the game.

I was looking at the title page, reading the copy at the bottom, and the light bulb came on: Ask my editor, Jeff J. aka Urieal on Dragonsfoot!  Sure enough, he had the manuscript and several other assets in a Dropbox. It felt like when Indiana Jones first came upon the golden idol in the headhunter temple! There was the treasure! Well, it felt like that without the giant rolling boulder.

It almost didn't happen. About four days beforehand he had considered cleaning out his old drop boxes. For some reason he didn't! Thank God!

Now I can clean up a few copy errors, most notably Table 4. I will also change the names of a couple spells to be easier to remember for players of other fantasy heartbreakers. Then... on to books 2 and 3?

But I still need to collect more art assets. I lost years of public domain line art files too!

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