Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Magic Item: Unguent of Gorgias

Fell-Flush the Green Mage never trusted thieves, and refused to adventure with them even when he was quite pitiful in the arcane arts. Consequently he lost a good number of otherwise useful henchmen to the ubiquitous spiked pit trap and disintegration ray, who would otherwise busy themselves carrying his wardrobe and bed through the dungeon for him or meeting the dietary requirements of monsters he encountered.

Thereupon he consulted with Gorgias, a holy man and philosopher that you may know, who showed him how to create this unguent to allow him to better see which traps to avoid, and which ones his servants should just try to blunder right through. Oh, he can see them all, but one does not waste one's spell-casting voice on every poor sod in one's employ. One understands, doesn't one?

Either a Wizard guy or a Cleric guy can make this magic item but in the case of the wizard, he needs a cleric to cast Find Traps into the goo for it to work. Unguent of Gorgias requires one day and 250 GP of materials to make. The jade-colored, gritty goop comes packed in a tiny gourd with an eye painted on the bulb. It smells of the ocean and irritates the skin ever so slightly. When smeared across the eyes and bridge of the nose in one stroke like war paint, it allows the user to Find Traps, as the spell, for one hour.  The user needs only to close his eyes for a moment to see a dim aquamarine nimbus outlining any trap nearby. That is, any trap located within a particular room or hallway or in the path of the party in the Wilderlands, but not on the other side of a door, for instance.

Unguent of Gorgias lasts one hour per use and a gourd comes with 1d6+1 uses left.

XP VALUE: none, because magic items are their own reward.

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