Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Play Test?

Playing 1e/BECM at Steve's house has wet my whistle to run a game of my own. Since Mythical Journeys is essentially a house rules doc, I would use that.

But the talented pool of players around here are split between Pathfinder and 5e with an emphasis on Pathfinder. How could I even approach them with MJ in a way that makes sense? It's a totally different kind of game. The combat rules takes up eight small pages and that includes jousting!

It's not just the crunch. There's the railroad-vs-sandbox aesthetic. How do you get content tourists to embrace that?

I would love to playtest MJ to see what additional advice and guidelines need to go into Odd Men and the Ref Guide, but I really don't even know where I could find a live face to face table of not-my-family-member players to run it for. 

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