Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Special Treasures and Special Containers

What would you do if you found a set of exquisite wind chimes that detected as magical? How would you get them out of the dungeon?

Or a gigantic vase, obviously very old, intricately decorated with metal leaf of several colors?

What would you do if the magic powder was caked at the bottom of a priceless vase, it's mouth too narrow for a man's arm, but the vase too deep for a hobbit to reach bottom?

Imagine a dinner service for 16 cut from crystal. How would you move it?

Great silver serving trays, wine in wine cellars, enormous statuary. All of these treasure ideas came to me last night when I visited a magic treasure museum that you might know as... Pier 1 Imports!

The moral of the story is, if you can keep your mind open to D&D, then everywhere you go will inspire you. Even Pier 1 Imports of all places!

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