Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Light Spell

"What a waste of a spell!" I can hear you say.  "Why would you take a crummy old Light spell?"  It depends on how your Ref handles it, but it can be very useful.

This guy! 
(I don't own this image but 
darned if I know who does.)
If your lead Fighting Man has a shield, cast it on the front of the shield to make it like a headlamp.  If you need to see something a long way down, cast it on the end of a rope.   A long way up?  Cast it on an arrow and fire away.

A light spell doesn't take up one hand like a lantern or torch.  It doesn't weigh anything.  It wont be extinguished by dropping it, and it won't light your robe on fire.

Finally, if you Ref it like I always have, casting it on the eyes of an enemy blinds them for an hour. In this respect, it's basically a kill spell when you need it.  It can also be used to bluff an intelligent monster or man-type into surrender.

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