Monday, July 10, 2017

Elevator Pitch, Take 2

Based on suggestions I got from the G+ community, I'm going to take another run at pitching OSR to modern edition players.

Please take a look at tell me what's good and what's bad!

Also, here's a totally off-topic joke: 

"Hey!  Aren't you that guy who is always mistaken for someone else?"

Anyway, here's the pitch:

What if we went back to the beginning of D&D and used different assumptions and watched the game evolve in a different way?

The Old School Renaissance is about finding what's good about the D&D we played 20 years ago and longer and DIYing our own rules and experience out of those rules-light editions.

1. Rulings, not rules.  You don't have to stop to look up a rule; just make up something cool.
2. Your man can try anything.  You don't need a feat or a skill.  You may not succeed, but you can try it, just like in real life.  You just have to trust the Ref to be fair.
3. Play face-up, with the other players instead of face-down with your nose buried in your character sheet.
4. Open-ended, player-driven play rather than story path railroads where you are a content tourist.

Rules you recognize, gameplay you don't.

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